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Dear Diary,

Today is Sunday, October 3rd. This morning, my totes adorbs hubby surprised me with my fave fall Starbucks order, a grande pumpkin spice latte. He EVEN got my order right (sub oat milk, hold the whip). SWOON!

We went on a brisk walk to enjoy the leaves changing color.  Obvs I was wearing my perfect cozy sweater and my brand new Uggs. I just HAD to get a pic for the gram. ;)

The day continued in bliss at a boozy brunch with my besties. We made plans to go to a pumpkin patch next week! YAY! I'm SO excited for tomorrow because, guess what! Monday comes after Sunday which means...Bachelor in Paradise is on! #BachelorNation!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I cannot believe Kendall came back to the island. I will LITERALLY DIE if she sabotages Grocery Store Joe and Serena P.'s relationship. Honestly, so stressed.

Anyway, that's all for today. I'll journal more next week! :) Time to go take my nightly bubble bath and light my new Bye Bye! candle. It's pumpkin spice scent, how FUN!

SmOoCheS! xoxo

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( pumpkin + spiced latte )

7 oz | all natural soy

Fragrance Profile:
Top: Ginger, Allspice, Cinnamon
Middle: Pumpkin, Brown Sugar, Nutmeg
Base: Clove, Molasses, Vanilla

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