It started off as a typical Sunday brunch. You tell yourself you'll only have one mimosa...maybe two, you have work tomorrow. Okay, Suz DID just get engaged, so it would be rude not to celebrate with a shot. The crew wants to go to another bar, it's only 2pm, why not? 

Next thing you know you're in bed, passed out next to the bearded man from bar number four...or was it six? 

It's okay, we've all been there, and we have you covered. We're not doctors, but studies show that 10,000 hours of experience in a particular field makes you an expert, therefore we've used our expertise to formulate this candle...

Smells like you'll be ready for a cocktail by five.

( spearmint + eucalyptus )

11 oz | all natural soy

Fragrance Profile:
Top: Spearmint, Eucalyptus, Tomato Leaf
Middle: Mint, Anise
Base: Powder, Wood

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Zander S.
United States United States
This Candle Changed My Life

I decided to deal with 2020 unlike anyone else in the world. I tried to drink it away. And for a while it worked. I completely forgot I was sitting home, with no work, and no hope. So I turned to my old friend Vodka. But the next days were killing me. That is until I found this "Bye Bye Hangover" candle. I would wake up hazy and depressed, and then a simple light of this candle would change everything. Pretty soon, I didn't even need the vodka. I just lit the candle. The candle became a friend. I started talking to him... and low and behold, he talked back. And he said, "Get your **** together." When a hangover candle talks, you listen! I can't recommend this talking candle enough! Buy it now.